The Bitcoin peer-to-peer network serves both Multibit and many other Bitcoin programs (mostly lightweight wallets). By contributing some of your bandwidth—typically about 100 GB upload a month—you can help support Bitcoin.

The bandwidth sharing guide provides all of the details you need to begin donating bandwidth.

Don’t Forget About Decentralization

The Bitcoin network needs more than bandwidth—it also needs people who actively secure their bitcoins using Multibit. By securing your bitcoins with a full node like Multibit, you help protect Bitcoin’s decentralization for yourself and other Bitcoin users.

You can help protect decentralization instead of donating bandwidth by simply using Multibit as your main wallet. Or, even better, you can both donate bandwidth and protect decentralization at the same time by using Multibit as your main wallet while also following the instructions in the bandwidth sharing guide.

Thank You

Whether you choose to donate bandwidth, protect decentralization, or both, please know that your fellow Bitcoin users thank you. Without volunteers like you, Bitcoin would never have come as far as it has.