If you discover a bug or other problem with Multibit, please report it. The are two different processes, responsible disclosure for security bugs and public issue tracking for all other bugs.

Responsible disclosure

See the Multibit contact page for reporting security issues.

Public Issue Tracking

For non-security problems with Multibit, please search for similar issues and, if you don’t find any, open a new issue providing the information listed below.

  • A clear description of the problem. If possible, please describe how to reproduce the problem. (For general guidelines on writing steps to reproduce, see Mozilla’s bug reporting documentation.)
  • What version of Multibit you use (if you downloaded from multibitpay.com) or what commit you built using (git log -1) plus any extra patches you applied.
  • Any relevant entries from your debug.log file. Note, this file can contain private information, so review it before posting or ask in the issue to email it directly to a developer rather than posting publicly. You can publicly post logs on a 0bin service. By default, the debug.log can be found at the following locations:

Windows: %APPDATA%\Multibit\debug.log

OS X: $HOME/Library/Application Support/Multibit/debug.log

Linux: $HOME/.multibit/debug.log

The best strategy to get your issue fixed quickly is to make it as easy as possible for the development team to track down the problem and write a fix. Providing more information and organizing it well helps significantly.